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Benefits of Bananas As Daily Consumption

Benefits of Bananas As Daily Consumption
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Banana is a fruit that is very easy to find, especially in tropical countries. This fruit can be enjoyed directly or process into other foods, such as branches Gesing, pudding, fried bananas, banana cheese cake, and much more. Surely by adding bananas on some of the grain would add interest to eat bananas. Moreover, the banana is a fruit that contains beneficial to human body. Of course the content of bananas will also meet the body's metabolic processes. Besides bananas also suitable to be consumed by all ages, from toddlers, children, adolescents, pregnant women to the elderly. It is because bananas contain fructose, glucose, sucrose, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium. Air proteins, and vitamins a, b, d. With complete content of bananas of course you need to know the benefits of bananas.

Benefits of Bananas As Daily Consumption

Increase Body Energy

Banana is one of the fruits that have carbohydrates in an amount sufficient to meet the energy of the human body. Not only that, the bananas are also several fragments of natural sugar is fructose, glucose, and sucrose which can be transformed into other energy benefits of bananas is to boost the immune system. With a variety of vitamins contained in bananas, of course, on the body's immune system will increase. Directly body is certainly more resistant to disease by eating a banana.

Treating Multiple Diseases

With contains various compounds that nourish certainly benefit the banana can be used to cure some diseases. One of them bananas can be used to treat acne. Most people know just to eat bananas, but bananas are also a powerful way to get rid of acne. Ripe banana can be applied as a face mask. They also tend to treat diarrhea. Potassium contained in bananas can produce antibacterial. Thus patients with diarrhea can be quickly cured by eating the proper portions.

Weight Loss

Benefits of bananas next is to lose weight. Being overweight is a problem for both men and women. Sometimes exercise is also less successful in losing weight. Besides, it would take a long time. In a practical way is to eat bananas will help you in losing weight. It is because bananas contain fiber. Fiber in bananas also helps in digestion. Benefits of bananas content is indirectly also meet the needs of the natural carbohydrate in the diet.

Benefits of Bananas As Daily Consumption to Prevention Against Multiple Diseases
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Prevention Against Multiple Diseases

In addition to treating some diseases above, further benefits of bananas is as preventing heart disease. Efficacy of bananas this one in getting the amount of vitamin C and flavonoids that act as antioxidants. These antioxidants act as blocking fat oxidation which eventually lead to heart disease. In addition to heart disease by eating bananas you will also be protected from stroke. The content of bananas that play a role in stroke prevention is potassium that can keep blood pressure within the body.

Overcoming Morning Sick

Banana was also very nice consumed by pregnant mothers. Benefits of bananas in the can by pregnant women is on the content of folic acid which helps in the formation of the fetus perfect. Benefits of bananas for pregnant women will also form new cells and preventing birth defects. Pregnant women also can avoid sick morning with their blood sugar levels.

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