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Great Benefits of Having Sex

Great Benefits of Having Sex
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Great Benefits of Having Sex - Sexual intercourse is one way to live a healthy life. It is not a figment but has already been demonstrated by numerous studies. Just like exercise, sexual intercourse can also bring positive effects on mental and physical health.

Great Benefits of Having Sex

Here are a number of advantages sexual relations summarized in a few points:

1. Smooth Body Metabolism

Having sexual intercourse at night was able to increase the amount of oxygen in cells. In addition, the benefits of sexual intercourse at night is to maintain the smooth metabolism.

2. Burn Calories

In a study revealed that by having sex three times a week can burn as many as 625 calories in one month. Or the equivalent of jogging as much as 6:25 mile.

3. Strengthen Muscles And Bones

The ability of testosterone will increase if assisted with physical exercise. Testosterone serves to keep the bones and muscles of men in order to remain strong and sturdy.

4. Reduce Pain

If you suffer from arthritic pain, neck strain and headaches, then sex can be a solution. When orgasm (peak sexual satisfaction), the body releases hormones that can ease pain.

5. Lowering Bad Cholesterol

By having sexual intercourse on a regular basis, was able to reduce levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

6. Natural Supplements

When you have sex, it releases a natural supplement called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Shortly before orgasm and ejaculation, DHEA will increase by 3-5 levels higher than normal.

7. Addressing On Prostate Gland

Sexual intercourse is done regularly will help the body to clear fluid that cause problems in the prostate gland.

8. Eliminate Emotional Stress And Tension

Stress, physical tension and emotional strain can be mitigated by having sexual intercourse on a regular basis. In addition, sexual intercourse may form an emotional closeness.

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9. Adding Proximity

No such thing as a bonding hormone called oxytocin. These hormones are released by the body during sexual intercourse. The hormone oxytocin is able Enhancing sexual desire. If these hormones are released on a regular basis, then the frequency of lovemaking will increase.

Great Benefits of Having Sex to Protect the Heart
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10. Protect the Heart

By having sexual intercourse regularly can protect the heart, increases the amount of estrogen glands, as well as maintain the flexibility of the vagina.

11. Rejuvenate Skin

It is said that if you want to look more youthful, then you should have sexual intercourse regularly. Sexual intercourse is performed three times a week can even make someone look seven years younger. During sexual intercourse the body to pump more oxygen that would affect your skin rejuvenation.

12. Building a Positive Mood

When a woman reaches orgasm, the brain will secrete sex hormones called oxytocin. This hormone can generate warmth, happiness and positive mood.

13. Provide Protection At Heart.

Sexual intercourse has special benefits for men, particularly for those aged over 40 years. The advantage is the ability to increase testosterone which then leads to cardiac arrest.

14. Prevent Breast Cancer

With progesterone produced by the body, the risk of breast cancer will decline. Therefore, by having sexual intercourse on a regular basis will keep you against breast cancer. Therefore, in addition to regular, frequency of sexual intercourse is also important to note.

Please keep in mind that, sexual intercourse should be used as a means of recreation and entertainment in the life of husband and wife, without any element of compulsion. And the thing to note is that sex is meant to be done ONLY by couples OFFICIALLY MARRIED.

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