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Soursop Leaves for Health Benefits

Soursop Leaves for Health Benefits
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Soursop Leaves for Health Benefits - Have you used the soursop leaves for health benefits? Soursop fruit shape is quite large, spiked and it tastes sweet acidity. Soursop fruit is already very well known can be used as a natural remedy.

But not just the fruit, soursop leaf also has enormous benefits for health, even now drugs known as soursop leaves cancer preventive. It is because the compounds contained in the skin such as soursop acetogenins, annocatalin, annocatacin, annohexocin, annomuricin, annonacin, anonol, gentistic acid and others.

Benefits Of Soursop Leaf

Here are some benefits of soursop leaves for health body that you can take advantage of:

1. To overcome the uric acid

Gout is a disease of the joints that are usually and it felt agonizing, often relapse at night of the day when we want to rest so it is merely annoying. Gout usually occur in someone who has aged, however, does not cover the possibility of young people experienced it considering the lifestyle of children today who are very worrying.

If you experience uric acid quickly, do a treatment with soursop leaves. Do I take ten soursop leaves that are still fresh, then boiled with one glass of water. After boiling, drink this concoction twice a day.

2. to Helping treat Diabetes

Diabetes or diabetes is one of the deadly disease, sugar levels normal is 70 to 120 mg if you already out the limit immediately doing the treatment.

To overcome this problem, you can use a soursop leaves. Here's how you can boil some water along soursop leaves to boil. The herb consumption regularly until stable blood sugar levels.

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3. Help cope with Cancer

Benefits of soursop leaves for health next to help cope with the disease cancer. Have you heard that the soursop leaf is a better cancer drugs from chemotherapy? Well, the assumption is already widespread.

To treat cancer with soursop leaves first take 10 sheets soursop leaves older, then boiled with three glasses of water and wait until the remaining water about 2 cups. After that, you can take it 2 times a day in two weeks.

4. Help lower high blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension can be overcome by using the soursop leaves. If you have hypertension, immediately treated because it can cause more serious diseases such as stroke and heart.

fix asthma and shortness of breath
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5. Help treat Asthma

Asthma is extremely dangerous especially when we are in a State that is not clean. Please either fix asthma and shortness of breath you with soursop leaves.

Do I take the seven strands of soursop leaves which in attack with ants, then squeeze and a capacity of up to half a glass of water. Drink this concoction to your asthma is gone.

6. Treat boils

For heal ulcers, take a few strands of soursop leaves young, then attach the affected skin boils, boils done to dry out.

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good and High Nutritious Soursop Leaf
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How to choose a good and High Nutritious Soursop Leaf

The selection of the proper soursop leaves can deliver maximum results. It does not mean only certain soursop leaves. Actually all soursop leaves nice just nutritious and pick the best of the many existing soursop leaves.

Here are some ways of choosing and picking the best soursop leaves for a natural treatment.
Soursop leaves a nice is soursop leaves the House, not in group and have a long twig.

Quotation soursop leaves early in the morning before the Sun was scorching.

Pick the leaves with the No. 5 from the shoots, leaves the 6th and so on can be picked. The leaves are located at the rear most position should not picked because it was too old, his mark there bitik spots under the leaves.

Soursop leaves a nice is a lot of soursop leaves exposed to the Sun, its thick leaves are meat, dark green color, the leaves are somewhat curved inward, stiff, not spots. While the soursop leaves that are less exposed to the Sun not as good as being exposed to the Sun, but it can still be used.

Soursop Size

Soursop leaf size is not very important, the most important is age and the amount of sunlight.
If you want to save the soursop leaf to last a long time, you can dry it. Do not be dried by means of dried, as it can damage the contents contained in soursop leaves.

Soursop Leaves Dried

The selection order of soursop leaves fifth of shoots aims to ensure the leaf is not too young and not too old. If the soursop leaves are in the position of the tip but already old enough then it can be learned.

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