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Benefits of mangoes leaves

Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes
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Benefits of mangoes leaves - TIPS discusses the health benefits of mango leaves. Mango leaves it can be used to treat diabetes. To treat diabetes, mix mango leaves with water in the bowl. Soak for one night and drink a mixture of mango leaves and water.

The drink can help relieve the early stages of diabetes. In addition to diabetes, mango leaves also have other health benefits.

Benefits of Leaves of Mangoes

Here are the benefits of mango leaves as compiled.

Reduce Pain in the Ear

Leaves of mango could treat pain in the ear. Quite easy, make juice of mango leaves, then drops slightly in the ear to relieve pain.

Benefits of mangoes leaves to treat cough and asthma
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Benefits of mangoes leaves to treat cough and asthma

mango leaves can cure cough and asthma. How, to prepare boiled water and some mango leaves. Filtered water after 15 minutes and add three drops of honey before drinking. The combination is able to cure coughs, asthma, and bronchitis.

Treat Dysentery

mangoes leaves are also useful for treating dysentery. Mix the powder of mango leaves and a cup of water. And drink three times a day in order to dysentery subsided.


When you feel anxious and nervous, try adding two or three cups of tea mango leaves to the bath. It can make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

Treat Burn

mango leaves can treat burns. The trick, burn some dried mango leaves
. Ashes from mango leaves can heal the affected skin burns.

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